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Creative Portraits: Quentin Garzón

The goal of this portrait series was to create a character. I always want there to be enough room for the audience to make their own assumptions and to write their own story. This shoot was about mixing moods and lights to bring depth of emotion and the psychological side. For me, this person could be a diabolical villain or a detective. It's really up to the viewer to decide.

Quentin Garzón is a great director and actor. He brought so much presence and personality to the images despite the fact that I was hiding most of his face in shadow. I'm always amazed that the position of the shoulders or the angle of the head can do so much to add personality. It was interesting to see how far we were able to go with that and I think there is so much room for me to explore in this area.

I took each of the top shots and changed the tint to see how altering the colors affects the mood as well. I put them side by side for comparison.

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