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Gear vs. Skills

As photographers and filmmakers, our equipment is essential to getting the job done, and because this equipment is so expensive, we have to invest carefully. I get caught up in looking at cameras and lenses to the point where it stresses me out. It stops being fun.

During these deep dives into camera reviews and photography forums, I always inevitably find a comment that halts the urge to read more and more about gear: "Why waste all this time discussing which cameras are best when you could spend that time shooting?" Whenever I see this statement in one form or another, I snap out of it. I grab my camera, I go outside and I start taking pictures.

Recently, I wanted to start reading about the latest and greatest camera gear again. I stopped myself before I got started. Instead, I decided to watch a video about storytelling in photography from YouTuber Frederick Van Johnson. In the video, Andy Biggs provided a bunch of helpful techniques to develop storytelling skills. It may seem obvious, but this video was so much more rewarding for me than reading about sensor sizes and low light performance. I needed to be reminded that a great photo will always tell a story, no matter what camera it was captured on.

So next time I feel like looking up gear, I'll remember to grab the equipment I already have and get down to business. I've got stories to tell.

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