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Virtual Performance Series: Death Note

Recently, I was asked to do the cinematography for the 3 leads in a virtual performance of the song "Truth and Lies" from Death Note: The Musical. The show was adapted from the Japanese manga/anime of the same name.

In this virtual performance, director Quentin Garzón put together a great cast and band to cover "Truth and Lies".

I wanted to give each character a unique visual identity for their performances. Since the original source is a manga/anime series, I decided to go with really stark colors and high contrast to create a look that would fit in with the original spirit of Death Note. Once I actually watched the show, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the series used the same colors for the characters Kira and L as I did.

For anyone looking for a cool show to watch, the anime is on Netflix. It's an incredible detective story with so much tension and atmosphere.

Check out the virtual performance of "Truth And Lies" below:

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