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Virtual Performance Series: Little Shop of Horrors

Welcome to part two of the virtual performance series! This time the goal was to film "Feed Me (Git It), the iconic song from Little Shop of Horrors. Working with songs like this present a couple of challenges. How could I bring something unique to the table? How could I hope to live up to the magic of the original scene?

The studio is not exactly equipped to look like a plant shop, and I did debate filming it on a seamless background. However, I decided to make it an environmental look partially to create a different feel than the "Death Note" video.

We brought in some fake plants and dressed up the walls a little bit. The studio is on the small side, so the next issue was to create some depth where I could. I achieved this by placing a plant right in the foreground.

Since this was shot at night, we didn't get any natural light through the window. As a result, we had to use the florescent lights in the room to create the ambient light. With lighting the faces of the performers, I tried to create a look that would sculpt their faces a bit against the backdrop.

Check out the performance below:

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